US Waivers

Even the smallest infraction can cause you major problems at the border. Find out how a Waiver can gain you access to the US for work, travel or family reasons.

CDN Pardons

If you have completed a sentence and demonstrated good behaviour, you may be eligible for a Pardon, which removes your record from the Canadian Police Information Centre.

Remove Your Obstacles

If you are tired of the limitations put on your work or travel by your criminal record, it is time to take action.

How we are different:

  • We are a law office – your application will be handled by a lawyer
  • We will provide an initial complimentary consultation – we will only recommend you proceed if we concur you have a strong probability of success
  • Our track record speaks for itself – to date, we have an 100% approval rate

Do not delay any longer – there is no fee or risk to you to consult with us. Call us today.

“I had talked to three US immigration lawyers, one specializing in US waivers, and all of them said that my case was hopeless or had a very low chance of succeeding.  I had a complex criminal record from my younger years and had also been denied entry and deported from the US.  My ‘Rocket Waivers’ lawyer dug deep into my personal and work history, and carefully crafted my application to optimize it for success. He had a 100% approval rate and I was not disappointed, I had my waiver less than four months later!”

D.B., Fort McMurray AB

“I am so glad I used your firm to help me with clearing my criminal record. I had a negative experience with a pardon company that wasn’t a law office. They screwed up the job and I was out more than $1200. I didn’t think this would ever happen for me and you made it easy. You were accessible and explained everything to me. Thank you!”

J.S., Vancouver BC

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